Welcome to Lake Links

Spring is definitely here in Wallowa county! Current weather this April is sunny for the most part. Some days are chilly due to the breeze but the sun is out! Overnight temperatures are still in the 30’s-40’s. Planning a trip to Wallowa Lake State Park? Fantastic! Please keep in mind the varying weather, but we hope to see you rain or shine!



The “star” of your trip!

Durring your trip to Wallowa Lake State Park make sure to take time to look around. Look at the wildflowers on the mountains, look at the fish in the river, but most importantly look up at the night sky! Because this little jem of Oregon is far enough from major city’s there is very little light pollution. That makes seeing the night sky easy. In fact, a couple of nights ago I was relaxing by the lake and I saw two very bright stars as the sun was going down. After doing some research I discovered that I was starring at Jupiter and Venus. I downloaded a free star gazing app and began staring at the beautiful constellations. No telescope required!

While your vacation maybe stressful do not forget to look up to give you a little bit of perspective!

Speaking of stars, on July 13th Wallowology is having a Star Party! Come down to Wallowa Lake State park day use area from 7 to midnight. There will be fun activities such as water rockets and constellation story telling, plus telescopes will be set up to look at star clusters and other galaxies. Hope to see you there!

A game to play in the park: Spot the moths

Moths seem to love Wallowa Lake State Park just as much as our visitors do. You can find a moth on just about every building. The above picture is of the front of the administration office, every morning there are new moths in different places. Why do they just sit there, you may ask. The answer is that moths are nocturnal, they sleep during the day. There are over 160,000 different types of moths, Wallowa Lake State Park does not have that many but you might see these two types around:

On the left is Columbia silkmoth, a member of the Saturniidae family. It may not seem very big but its wing span is almost as long as a pencil. On the right is some sort of sphinx moth.

Not so into moths? That is okay. If you do see them remember they will not hurt you and they are trying to sleep, there is no need to move them or disrupt them.

How many moths did you find at Wallowa Lake State Park?

Oregon State Park’s Day! June1-2nd


On June 1st – 2nd come celebrate State Parks Day at Wallowa Lake State Park’s Summer Kickoff. On June 1st join us at the Lakeside Day-Use Area between 1-4pm for family-friendly games and challenges, then wander over to the State Park Marina between 5-7pm to enjoy music by Elwood/Joey Carper and Jezebel’s Mother. All events are free and open to the public!

On June 2nd we will also be having live music by Heidi Muller & Bob Webb “The Local Yokels”! This will also be located down at the Lakeside Day-Use Area from 5-7PM. We hope to see you there.

Perfect Picnic Spot

Minam picnic spot.jpg

We are excited for this summer to start! Our crew is getting ready for Wallowa Lake State Park to open up for reservations starting May 18th, however, Minam State Park is ready to welcome you! This week our crew worked on getting the park freshened up and we invite you to come, relax, or float the river on some of those gorgeous sunny days we have been having. Just remember to bring some water and sunblock. Hope to see you there!

Spring at Minam State Park


Minam State Park is springing ahead. There is still a lot of rain and muddy days ahead but it is making our campground very green! We are gearing up for our busy season at Wallowa Lake State Park, but a great and quieter alternative is to spend the night at our rustic campground- Minam State Park.  Looking for a place to do some daytime activities? Minam State Park is also a great place for your outdoor needs as it caters heavily to river rafters and is popular for fishing.

Spring in the Wallowas


Spring has been felt in many ways: we have turned our clocks an hour ahead, seen the snow starting to melt, and have passed the technical “1st day of spring” on our calendars.  However, if you have not been here to visit during spring time then here are some things you can expect! Spring in the Wallowas can be a bit different from those towns located at lower elevations. Joseph and Wallowa Lake are located at around 4,200 feet and still have patches of snow in the valley and packed snow up on the trails. Lake temperatures are still frigid but we have seen many fisherman out of the lake trying their luck! Campers are coming in for spring break to enjoy the snow and sunshine- we hope you will join us too.

Starting the New Year Right!

‘First Day Hike 2018’ was a great way to welcome in the year! We had a good turn out of people come to Wallowa Lake State Park to participate in our activities. Ranger Dutcher presented some history about the park and provided some warm tea and cocoa! Shortly after, Ranger Barber lead a guided hike into the Wallowa-Whitman National forest and to B.C falls. If you haven’t been hiking or snowshoeing up here in the winter- we promise you wont be sorry! The views are beautiful this time of year. Please remember to dress appropriately and bring proper gear for your hikes.